Creating experiences

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WHEN GUIDING TOURISTS WE ALWAYS TRY TO: connect people and cultures explain what is not written in any book connect tourists and locals present the destination from different perspective have in mind intercultural differences make friends not customers GO FROM SIGHTSEEING TO LIFE EXPERIENCING. WE WANT YOU TO: feel the local life understand our culture […]

Helping you thrive

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RESPONSIBLE TOURISM  From sightseeing to life experiencing Responsible Tourism offers visitors the opportunity to experience and feel the destination through active participation and learning experiences, which are characteristic of the holiday destination where they are taken. It allows cultural exchanges and unforgettable experiences. It is the absolute must for the new generations of travelers that are exploring the globe […]

Passing on our knowledge

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G-GUIDES is a group of green, global and great tourist guides, tour directors and tour managers, who are aware of the responsibility they have while conducting their job. They are cultural brokers, sustainability communicators, unforgettable experience creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for all. If you are aware of the importance of your tourist guides, […]


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OUR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS: PLANET FRIENDLY would be the term to describe our company best. We are doing our best to minimize the negative and maximize the positive impact on people, planet, plants and animals.  Moreover, we try to contribute to responsible and sustainable development of the community where we work as well as participate […]