Bringing Napoleon to life


On 21st of February 1990, the president of the World Federation of Tourist Guides organized the first celebration dedicated towards tecognition of the work of tourist guides. On the first year, there were 15 countries that were part of the celebration. Every year more countries decide to join in the celebration woth their program. In 2019 the main theme was Tourist guiding in a digital era, a theme that G-Guides has been following and implementing for a few years now.

So trying to stay ahead this yewar again, we implemented some changes. In 2019 we were the only tourist guides in Slovenia, that offered a special programme for a small contribution, instead of having all the events for free. We also did something, no one else in SLovenia has done – we held a short workshop and had a walk through Ljubljana with Napoleon.

Knowing, that the part of history between 1809-1813 was a very important period for our capital city, we found it important, to bring this short but important part of history to life. G-Guides was so the first and only to offer something new on the streets of our city. If you are interested in such tours, you can get in touch, and we will arrange such a tour for you too.

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