G-Guides achievements presented in China


The National Day or the official birthday of People’s Republic of China (1.10.2019) will this year be a very special day, as China is celebrating it’s 70th Birthday and for the special celebrations the Shanghai University of Business and Economics, which is also in charge of Confucious Institute in Slovenia, has invited G-Guides to prepare a special video, presenting the skills we have obtained during the past year.

On 24th of June 2019 G-Guides will be part of the filming of a special interview, which will be viewed in China for the celebration. The language presented will be mandarin, but tune in, if you want to see how much mandarin one can master in 6 months. And where that knowledge can bring you. We are very honoured and proud to be part of something so special to such a wide audience (remember, China has a population of 1,4 billion – twice the population of the whole Europe).

As 2019 is celbrated as the year of the pig, by Chinese zodiac, and one of our core members was also born in the year of the pig, we believe that this year is our year. Btw: telling the Chinese Zodiac sign is a very polite way of asking how old you are:)

Zhōngguó shì wèilái! 中国是未来

We are ready 🙂

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