G-Guides recognized as sutainability leaders


The work we do at G-Guides has been now officialy recognised in Slovenia too. That is why, when Florian Kaefer, the owner of the Sustainability leaders project came to do an article about sustainability in Slovenia, they turned to us for help and advice.

We were honoured, thatSustainability leaders chose G-Guides for the presentation, and that Maja Campelj had the chance to present our case to the wider audience. Through this line of interviews and everyday professionalism, we improve the image of tourist guide proffesion, but we also contribute towards the meaning of why a tour guide is important on a certain trip. We have rebranded the profession, so that the guides are more of cultural immersion facilitators and experience creators.

Talking about the Experience creating, we were also very happy, that the Slovenian tourism board turned to us for assistance, and they asked Tina Hudnik to take Mr. Kaefer around the country, pointing out some good practices along the way. Only when you actually do what you preach, can you make a difference, and we firmly stand behind our work. Transforming tourism into responsible and sustainable way, one step at the time.

A big part of the article is dedicated also to the Green Microphone Award, as this is a nice change of rewarding good practices and showcasing good cases, finally giving a voice to the guides, who are the ones who interact with the guests and create a meningful experience. You can read the full interview in the link above.

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