ITB is the biggest travel trade show in the world and G-Guides is always there to follow up on the new trends in the industry. We listened to the industry leaders sharing their inside on the future trends.

In 2018 we already passed the prediction of 1,4 billion travelers by 2020 and the outbound travel itself has been up 5,5% in the last year. There is great potential from the golden markets (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brasil, China), where travellers spend over 2000 €. Emerging economies are Asia and Latin America. The cruise industry so far comprises only 3% of the total holiday trips. Cruise industry is planning to do much more to aid the environmental aspect of cruising and is also the industry with great potential of development.

We also heard a very interesting lecture on Global Warming and Climate Change by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber who gave one of the most mesmerizing speeches on the whole convention. Some facts from his speech: White sandy beaches of Seychelles are comprised 50% by micro plastic. We have to follow Paris agreement, and if we keep T at least 1,5°C down, we can keep some ice in the Arctic and some Coral reefs. We are currently heading towards an increase to 8,5°C. If the water level rises, 136 UNESCO sites will disapear. Since China closed it’s doors for the world trash in plastic, Malaysia is the new dumbsite for plastics coming from the USA, UK, France and Germany.

Besides visiting the ITB, we also headed to the Berlin Arena, where we visited Berlin Travel Festival. This is the new modern hip fair from travelers for travelers. This is where the atmosphere is much more relaxed and you have the chance to meet the exhibitors, join in some interesting workshops, follow up on the newest gadgets and things that will make your traveling easier and you can help to co-create the future of traveling and tourism as you see fit. It was great fun and we’ll be back next year for sure.

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